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We are industry experts that provide a collective 30+ years of technical expertise spanning Edge, Cloud, and Cloud Native with a strong emphasis on Networking and Security. We lead with Empathy with everything we do!

With our distinctive, outcome-focused methodology, we close the divide between developers and your brand, propelling you towards a future filled with limitless collaborative opportunities.

Peter ONeill

DevRel Consultant

Peter ONeill is a Cloud Native Architect focused on consulting for fortune 100 companies to adopt modern technology practices. His careers spans many roles including Network/Systems Engineering, Product Education, and Developer Relations. Peter’s diverse skill set enables him to guide clients on their digital transformation journeys through maturity.

An established international speaker, he speaks about DevOps, and Open Source technologies. Find him at Meetups in the Denver area or connect with Peter @peteroneilljr on all major social channels.

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Kat Morgan

Cloud Engineer

Kat Morgan is a Developer Advocate specializing in DevOps and MLOps in the Pulumi ecosystem.

With her diverse career spanning Dell, Canonical, Red Hat, Kong, Azure, and Pulumi, she's gained a practical perspective into common challenges and pitfalls of Cloud Native development and operations. Leveraging her experience in Enterprise Support and Field Engineer Consulting, Kat is committed to enabling others to craft their own success stories in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Outside the professional arena, Kat embraces the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, enjoying outdoor adventures and advancing her own #100DaysOfHomelab project.

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Aakansha Priya

Developer Advocate

Aakansha Priya is a DevRel at EmpathyOps. Working on empowering & upscaling the communities. In the past she has been a Community Manager at Hashnode. As a frontend dev turned DevOps explorer, loves sharing tech insights, views on learning & building in public, blogging & building personal brand. A reader and speaker, Aakansha paints, sings and loves spontaneous travel. Catch her at meetups & conferences!

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Marino Wijay

Technical Advisor

Marino Wijay is a Cloud Native Architect/Engineer, Canadian, Traveller, International Speaker, Open Source Advocate for Cloud Native Networking, Infrastructure and Platforms with Kubernetes.

He is an Ambassador @ Civo Cloud, and Lead Organizer for KubeHuddle Toronto. He is passionate about technology and modern distributed systems.

As a former CCIE and VCIX-NV, Marino will always fall back to the patterns of Networking and the ways of the OSI. Community building is his driving force; A modern Jedi Academy.

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What we Do

Unleash the boundless potential of your product with our services.

Fractional Developer Advocacy and Technical Marketing

Consulting and Strategic Planning

Retainer and A la Carte Services

Copywriting - Hand Writing

Fractional Advocacy & Tech Marketing

Advocacy services are available to meet your specific needs while minimizing resource investment.

Community Management(Slack/Discord)

Forge meaningful connections with your audience by expertly managing your community spaces, fostering communication, and creating an inclusive environment.

Blogs, Tweets, Posts

Drive your online presence with compelling blogs, tweets, and posts that captivate your audience and keep them informed about the latest developments.

Content, Tech Writing and Documentation

Empower your audience with well-crafted technical content, documentation, and insightful writing that not only educates but also enhances their experience with your products.

Technical Workshops and Training

Equip developers with the skills they need through engaging technical workshops and training sessions that demonstrate the full potential of your products.

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CFPs, Conferences, Booth Staffing

Make a mark in the industry by actively participating in conferences, managing call for papers (CFPs), and ensuring your booth stands out with knowledgeable and friendly staffing.

Video Creation

Enhance your content strategy with captivating videos, including shorts, reels, live-streams, and long-form content that resonates with your audience.

Virtual/ In-person Meetups and Spaces

Connect with your audience in the digital realm through virtual or in-person meetups and dedicated online spaces, fostering discussions and collaboration.


Harness the power of passionate advocates who amplify your brand's message and contribute to building a strong and loyal community around your products

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Consulting and Strategy

Tailored strategy planning for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Developer Relations Program

Work with us to create a program focused of Developer Relations tied to campaigns around your solution offerings.

Developer Experience Audits

Let us review, assess, and analyze your existing Developer Experience program and provide optimization approaches

Our Work

Check out some of our previous work :)

Twitter Spaces

We're not just talking; we're inviting experts to share their insights


We engage in live streams, delving deep into the intricacies of cloud-native security and networking.

Check out the playlists here: Cilium Networking & Enterprise Security.


Ready to elevate your understanding? Check out some of our blogs today at Hashnode

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